Initial Consultation Engagement (Cost: None, Duration 1 – 4 Hours)

Out Initial Consultation Engagement is mostly about determining the level of assistance you both want and need.  This is where a flexible scope of work is defined so that you are able to get the help you need while controlling your costs.

Phase 1: Assistance Typing

  • What type of assistance are you looking for?  Do you want to arrange training classes, set up a new environment, plan to develop a new application or suite of applications, transition from prepackaged software to a custom system, or is there another need?

Phase 2: Scope of Work Definition

  • We provide you with a document that explains the Scope of Work, based upon previous conversations, your budget, and where we both agree that there would be the most impact, that provides assistance to your organization where it is needed the most.  There may be multiple revisions based upon your changing needs both before and during the Engagement, but it is altered only after your approval.

Phase 3: Time Management Agreement

  • After your review and approval of the scope of work, we confirm a timeline (including known gaps where our services would be underutilized), that allow us to space out the work to leverage both our time and your resources for best effect.